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      Yuhuan Allianz Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive leading supplier of brake pump calipers. The company provides high-quality product experience to customers around the world by serving auto parts suppliers in more than 160 countries and regions around the world. Founded in 2001, the company has a wide reputation in the US market and is one of the largest brake caliper production companies in China.
        Yuhuan Anlian Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhejiang Yuhuan, one of the top 100 counties in China, and is a well-known automobile and motorcycle production base in the country. It is known as the coast of the East China Sea on the most active gold coastline in the southeast coast. The environment here is beautiful and the climate is pleasant. It is close to the developed port city of Wenzhou in the south and 104 National Road in the west. It is close to Huangyan...[more]

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  • Brake Caliper:XR8 30130

    XR8 30130

  • Brake Caliper:XR8 30129

    XR8 30129

  • Brake Caliper:UC86-33-710


  • Brake Caliper:UC86-33-610


  • Brake Caliper:UA01-33-99Z


  • Brake Caliper:UA01-33-98Z


  • CV Joint Kit:TFB001054EVA


  • CV Joint Kit:TDR100790


  • CV Joint Kit:TDJ500060


  • CV Joint Kit:TDJ500040


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